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A.D.A. Cast Symbol Sign
Cast Bronze Men w/Chair
Size: 6" x 8"
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Federal ADA requirements for public restroom signs.
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Title 24 California State Building Code for restrooms. View full text in CA's Title 24 law...
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Based in the beautiful beachside community of San Clemente, California, ADA Unlimited is a premier distributor of ADA restroom signs, ADA bathroom support systems and other high-quality ADA conforming products for today's building and architectural industries.  We sell directly to sub-contractors and firms serving these fields. Our ADA signs and products meet the latest federal ADA regulations to serve your ADA requirements nationwide.  And because of our west coast location, we also specialize in ADA restroom signs that conform to the Title 24 restroom sign requirements in the state of California.

ADA regulations and ever-changing guidelines are complex and often very difficult to keep abreast of.  By working with us, you can rest assured our signs and products meet all current ADA guidelines, regulations and standards.  By representing some of the most premier manufacturers in the ADA field, we offer the most high-quality and state-of-the-art designs and innovations.  For example, our ADA bathroom support systems not only conform to today's standards, they are beautifully designed to accommodate modern architectural design aesthetics.

In addition, we keep most of our products readily in-stock to serve all of your ADA sign and product needs in the most timely and efficient manner.  And, we are always most willing to offer business client references upon your request. Exceptional Quality, Years of Experience and Superior Customer Service are our hallmark business traits.  We invite you to contact us to experience for yourself why ADA Unlimited is the preferred choice of so many when it comes to ADA signs, ADA bathroom support systems and other ADA conforming products.

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